PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) and PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) jams, marmelades and creamy spreads made with Sicilian fruit are an authentic delicacy. The highest quality fruit, grown in the island’s volcanic soil, gives these products an intense and authentic flavor. The velvety texture and delicate aromatic notes make these delicacies the perfect complement for every breakfast and snack. Thanks to the quality of the raw material and the care taken in processing, Sicilian PGI and PDO jams and marmalades are a unique and unforgettable taste experience.

  • Jar of Organic Sicilian Red Orange Marmalade I.G.P. AGRISICILIA

    Organic I.G.P. Sicilian Red Orange Marmalade

  • Jar of Organic Syracuse Lemon Marmalade P.G.I. AGRISICILIA

    Organic Syracuse I.G.P. Lemon Marmalade

  • Jar of Organic Orange Marmalade from Ribera D.O.P. AGRISICILIA

    Organic Ribera D.O.P. Orange Marmalade

  • Delicious handmade Sicilian blood orange marmalade, a product of high quality and freshness.

    Sicilian Red Orange I.G.P. Marmalade

  • Artisanal Syracuse I.G.P. Lemon Marmalade, a high-quality Sicilian product

    Syracuse I.G.P. Lemon Marmalade

  • Vasetto di Marmellata di Arancia di Ribera D.O.P.

    Ribera D.O.P. Orange Marmalade

  • jar of Etna D.O.P. prickly pears

    extra prickly pear jam from etna D.O.P.

  • jar of extra Sicilian Mango and Pescabivona I.G.P. AGRISICILIA jam

    Extra Sicilian Mango Jam with Pescabivona I.G.P.

  • jar of Pescabivona I.G.P. extra jam

    Extra jam with Pescabivona I.G.P.

  • Jar of Pesca Di Leonforte I.G.P. AGRISICILIA

    Extra Pesca Di Leonforte P.G.I. jam

  • Single-serving jar of Sicilian Red Orange I.G.P. Jam by AGRISICILIA

    Single-serving Sicilian Red Orange I.G.P. Marmalade

  • Single-serving jar of Ribera D.O.P. Orange Jam

    Single-serving Ribera D.O.P. orange marmalade

  • Single-serving jar of Syracuse P.G.I. Lemon Jam by AGRISICILIA

    Single-serving Syracuse Lemon Marmalade P.G.I.

  • Jar of Preparation of Sicilian Red Orange PGI with AGRISICILIA Protein

    Preparation of Sicilian Red Orange I.G.P. with Protein

  • Jar of spreadable chocolate cream with Modica I.G.P. AGRISICILIA chocolate

    Spreadable chocolate cream with Modica I.G.P. chocolate