Single-serving jams are particularly popular with the hotel industry, where convenience and practicality are key to providing high-quality service to guests.

In fact, single-serving jams make it possible to offer a perfect portion of fresh and hygienically packaged jam, without waste and without the need to open larger jars. Moreover, thanks to the wide choice of flavors available, you can offer your guests a personalized, high-end breakfast.

Buying single-serving jams is therefore also a winning choice for those running an accommodation facility, as it ensures a practical, hygienic and quality solution for their guests.

  • Single-serving Sicilian Red Orange P.G.I. Marmalade
  • Single-serving Ribera P.D.O. orange marmalade
  • Single-serving Syracuse Lemon Marmalade P.G.I.
  • Single-serving Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade