The quality of Agrisicilia products is guaranteed by the certifications we hold. We are a company that produces jams, preserves and creams, using only the highest quality raw materials from our Sicilian lands. Our focus on quality begins from the moment we choose our raw materials, which we personally and carefully select to ensure healthy and wholesome products for our customers.

Our certifications confirming our historical passion in the preparation of Sicilian Marmelades.

Organic Certification

It provides a consistent visual identity for organic products in the European Union. This makes it easier for consumers to identify organic products and helps farmers market them throughout the EU.

ISO 22005 Certification

Traceability Certification is a valuable tool for safeguarding culture and tradition, as well as guaranteeing the quality and typicality of productions, thus helping to generate trust among all stakeholders, up to distribution and the consumer.

ISO 22005 Certification

Food Waste Management System

It is a certification standard created by Bureau Veritas Italy. The standard is based on a system approach to demonstrate the management and prevention of food loss and waste.

IFS Food Certification

IFS Broker 3.1 Certification

Provides a uniform system for evaluating the activities of brokers, importers and trading agencies in the procurement of products for large-scale retail trade.