We are proud to present to you an extraordinary combination of authentic taste and attention to health. Our jams, with no added sugar, are the ideal choice for those who wish to embrace pleasure without guilt. Each spoonful is an invitation to enjoy the goodness of nature, preserving the freshness and quality of the fruit, without compromising your well-being. Savor pleasure without guilt with Agrisicilia’s no-added-sugar jams. A riot of authentic Sicilian flavors, genuine fruits, and craftsmanship. Light delights for a table full of taste, signed Agrisicilia.

  • Zero sugar - White figs

    White Fig Preparation – Zero Sugar

  • Zero Sugar - Sicilian Mandarins

    Preparation based on Sicilian Mandarins – Zero sugar

  • Preparation Based on "Sicilian Red Orange I.G.P." Light - 240g

    Preparation based on ‘Arancia Rossa di Sicilia I.G.P.’ – Zero sugar

  • Preparation based on Light Peaches - 240g

    Peach preparation – Zero sugar

  • Light Cherry Preparation - 240g

    Cherry preparation – Zero sugar

  • Berry Preparation – Zero Sugar

  • Strawberry preparation – Zero sugar

  • Apricot preparation – Zero sugar

  • Preparation based on Sicilian Lemons – Zero sugar