Preparation based on Light Sicilian Lemons – 240g

Light Sicilian Lemon Marmalade, with 85 percent fruit and no added sugar, expresses the authenticity of Sicilian lemons. This treat, rich in natural fructose, offers a fresh, citrusy taste. Ideal for those who prefer a low-sugar option, this marmalade enhances the acidity and fragrance of lemons, ensuring an intense, wholesome flavor. Perfect to accompany breakfast or to add a sparkling touch to cakes and desserts, this light jam is an authentic guilt-free experience.

A UNIQUE recipe

Sicilian lemons

Just the crisp, fresh flavor of Sicilian Lemons, with no added sugar.


Lemons with 85% zest, sweetener: erythritol and steviol glycosides from Stevia, gelling agent: fruit pectin, agar agar, citrus fibre, natural flavouring, preservative: potassium sorbate.

lemons of sicily

Citrus Marmalade is only Agrisicilia

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Nutritional Facts

Average values for 100g
Energy231 kJ / 54 Kcal
Fats0,1 g
of which saturated0 g
Carbs12,6 g
of which sugars0,3 g
Protein0,1 g
Salt0 g
Average values for 20g
Energy46,2kJ / 10,8kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars0,3

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