Strawberry preparation – Zero sugar

Strawberry Jam with no added sugar, with 85% fruit, brings out the fresh, juicy flavour of strawberries. This delicacy, full of fragrance and natural sweetness, is ideal for those seeking a low-sugar option. Strawberries, the undisputed protagonists, are fully manifested in this jam, ensuring an authentic, fruity taste, perfect for enriching breakfasts or spread on cookies and bread.

A UNIQUE recipe

Fragole di Sicilia

Enjoy only the natural sweetness of Strawberries, with no added sugar and 85% fruit.


Strawberries 50%, polyols (isomalt, erythritol), gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidifier: citric acid, black carrot extract, preservative: potassium sorbate, natural flavor.

Fragole di Sicilia

Same unique recipe, different sizes.

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Fragole di Sicilia

Nutritional Facts

Average values for 100g
Energy410 kJ / 98 kcal
Fats0 g
of which saturated0 g
Carbs32 g
of which sugars3,2 g
of which polyols4,9 g
Protein0 g
Salt0 g
Average values for 20g
Energy82 kJ / 19,6 kcal
Fats\0 0
of which saturated0
of which sugars0,6
of which polyols0,9 g

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