The canapés with sausage and black mulberry jam embody the harmonious fusion between savory and sweet flavours. The combination of the sausage, with a robust and succulent flavour, with the soft sweetness of the black mulberry jam, creates an explosion of delicious contrasts on the palate. The canapés, crunchy and inviting, act as the perfect support to enhance this symphony of flavours. The balance between the robustness of the sausage and the enveloping sweetness of the black mulberries makes these canapés an unforgettable gastronomic experience, giving an exclusive and refined touch to every bite.

Sausage and black mulberry canapés preparation


6 slices Pancarrè
120 g Sausage
8 Walnuts
1 bunch Basil
80 g Sicilian black mulberry jam AgriSicilia
Extra virgin olive oil


1. First, cut out many stars of bread with the appropriate biscuit cutter (you can use the cuttings for tasty meatballs!).

2. Cut lots of sausage pieces of about 8 mm.

3.l Shell the walnuts and put 5 of them in a mixer with a few basil leaves, a drizzle of oil and a pinch of salt to obtain a sort of very thick pesto.

4. Plate the bread stars on a grill or non-stick pan for a few minutes on both sides.

5. Next, cook (always in the grill) the sausage pieces for a few minutes on both sides.

6. Place a teaspoon of pesto in the center of each star of bread, then place a piece of sausage on top.

7. Complete with half a teaspoon of black mulberry jam and decorate with a few pieces of walnuts (using the ones you left aside) and a few basil leaves.

Bon appetit, your sausage tarts are ready to be enjoyed!

Sausage and black mulberry jam canapes

Extra Black Mulberry jam from Sicily

Sweet, fragrant, artisanal: rich jam from delicious Sicilian black mulberries.