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The Extra Jam with Pescabivona IGP: an artisanal product with an authentic flavour

Extra Confettura con Pescabivona P.G.I.  is an artisanal product born from the passion and commitment of Sicilian farmers in their search for the best raw material. The Bivona P.G.I. peach is a unique variety, cultivated only in certain areas of Sicily, characterised by a sweet and delicate flavour, juicy flesh and a crunchy texture.

Care in the choice of raw material

Extra Confettura con Pescabivona P.G.I.  is made using only 90 per cent fruit, with no preservatives or chemical additives added. The raw material is carefully chosen by Sicilian farmers, who select only the best peaches, ripe at the right point and hand-picked with great care.

An artisanal product with an authentic flavour

Confettura Extra with Pescabivona is produced in an artisanal way, following the ancient recipes of Sicilian tradition. After thorough cleaning, the peaches are simmered together with the sugar, without the addition of pectin or other additives. The result is a jam with an authentic flavour, the right consistency and a balanced sweetness.

Quality Sicilian fruit

The Extra Jam with Bivona Peach is a product that best represents the quality and authenticity of Sicilian fruit. Thanks to the care taken in selecting the raw materials and the artisanal processing, this jam is a concentrate of typical Sicilian flavours and aromas, to be enjoyed at breakfast or as a sweet end to a meal.

A jam to try

The Extra Jam with Pesca di Bivona P.G.I. is a unique and original product, perfect for those who want to taste the best of Sicilian fruit. Thanks to its high fruit content and artisanal processing, this jam is a tasty and healthy choice that should be tried at least once in a lifetime.




IngredientsPescabivona PGI, sugar; gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidifier: citric acid.
Fruit used90g for 100g.
StorageKeep the product at room temperature. After opening, it is recommended that the jam be stored at temperatures within 4 degrees and consumed within 14 days.
TasteDelicate, a perfect match with the intense fragrance typical of peaches.
UsageRecommended for breakfast, but also with spicy and blue cheeses such as pecorino Sardo, Gorgonzola and Formaggio di fossa.

Nutritional Values per 100g

Energy946 kJ / 223 Kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars53