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Organic Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade: the intense flavour of the Sicilian land

If you are looking for an organic marmalade with the intense flavour of Sicilian citrus fruits, you cannot miss the Organic Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade produced by Agrisicilia.

The raw materials for this marmalade are in fact selected from the best organic mandarins grown in Sicily, in accordance with strict organic production standards.

Agrisicilia is a farm that has been producing organic jams for years, using only selected fruit and guaranteeing the highest quality of the final product.

Organic Sicilian mandarins and selected fruit

Organic Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade is made from carefully selected organic mandarins grown in the beautiful Sicilian lands. Agrisicilia chooses only the highest quality fruit to guarantee a jam with a creamy consistency and an intense, authentic flavour.

Handicraft production and raw material research

Agrisicilia produces its organic jams in an artisanal way, following a manufacturing process that guarantees the highest quality of the final product. Every step is carried out with care and attention, from the selection of the fruit to slow cooking over low heat, without the addition of preservatives or chemical additives.

The search for raw materials is one of the strengths of Agrisicilia, which chooses only high-quality fruit, grown according to the strict standards of organic production. This process guarantees an organic jam of the highest standard, without the addition of substances harmful to health or the environment.

Agrisicilia: passion for organic farming

Agrisicilia is a farm that has been growing organic citrus fruits in Sicily for years, with a strong passion for organic and sustainable agriculture. The production of organic jams is just one of the many fruits of this passion, which allows Agrisicilia to offer products of the highest quality and to protect the environment and the health of its consumers.

If you are looking for an organic marmalade with an authentic flavour and superior quality, Agrisicilia’s Organic Sicilian Mandarin Marmalade is the right choice for you. Try it now and be won over by the intense and unmistakable taste of Sicilian mandarins!




IngredientsBIO cane sugar, BIO mandarins with peel; gelling agent: fruit pectin; acidifier: citric acid
Fruit used45g per 100g.
StorageOrganic mandarin marmalade can be stored at room temperature and, once opened, at temperatures within 4 degrees. After opening, it should be consumed within 14 days.
Tastesweet, characterised by sour and sparkling notes.
UsageExcellent at breakfast, in the preparation of tarts and biscuits, to flavour fresh fruit salad. It is also recommended with cheese boards and smoked fish.

Nutritional Values per 100g

Energy1075 kJ / 253 Kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars57