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Sicilian Pomegranate Compote: the intense taste of fruit from Agrisicilia

If you are looking for a high-quality compote, Agrisicilia’s Sicilian Pomegranate Compote is the perfect choice. This artisanal product is made using only the best pomegranates from Sicily, guaranteeing an intense and genuine flavour.

Sicilian pomegranate: the perfect choice for a high-quality compote

The Sicilian pomegranate is one of the best pomegranate varieties in the world, thanks to the region’s ideal climatic conditions. Thanks to its natural sweetness and intense aroma, the pomegranate is the perfect ingredient for our homemade compote.

High-quality products

The quality of the ingredients is our priority. We use only fresh, high-quality fruit, without preservatives or additives. Thanks to our experience in the production of Sicilian jams, we are able to guarantee a high quality product with an authentic and genuine flavour.

Why choose an Agrisicilia product

Choosing an Agrisicilia product means choosing a high quality artisan product, made using only the best raw materials. Our Pomegranate compote is a product that guarantees an intense and authentic taste, perfect to accompany your moments of relaxation. In addition, with our product, you help support local agriculture and preserve the Sicilian tradition of producing artisanal jams and compotes.


Agrisicilia’s Pomegranate Compote is the ideal product for those seeking an authentic and genuine taste. Made with the finest Sicilian pomegranates and no added preservatives, this artisanal compote is perfect to accompany your breakfast or to be used as an ingredient in cakes and desserts. Choose an Agrisicilia product and enjoy the intense taste of Sicilian fruit.




Ingredients pomegranate juice (52%), sugar (47%), gelling agent: fruit pectin (0.7%), acidifier: citric acid (0.3%)
Fruit used
Storage The Sicilian Pomegranate Compote should be stored at room temperature. After opening, however, it is recommended to store the product at temperatures within 4 degrees. To be consumed within 14 days.
Taste Intense and sweet.
Usage this compote is particularly suitable for breakfast and the preparation of desserts.

Nutritional Values per 100g

Energy 1026 kJ / 243 Kcal
Fats 0
of which saturated 0
Carbohydrates 59
of which sugars 59
Protein 0,8