Jar of Sicilian Pomegranate Compote AGRISICILIA

Sicilian Pomegranate Compote

The Sicilian Pomegranate Compote without peel enchants with the rich and juicy taste of the pomegranate, offering an excellent fusion of sweetness and acidity. Revealing an intense and velvety flavour, this delicacy expresses the authentic characteristics of the fruits grown in the enchanting Sicilian territory. Its versatility allows it to be appreciated pure or as an ingredient in various dishes, giving an exotic and healthy touch thanks to the precious nutritional properties of the pomegranate.

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Sicilian pomegranate

Sicilian pomegranates offer a vibrant, juicy flavor, blending sweetness and acidity into a rich, fruity flavor. They express a unique freshness, a slightly citrus note and a delicate astringency.


pomegranate juice (52%), sugar (47%), gelling agent: fruit pectin (0.7%), acidifier: citric acid (0.3%)

Sicilian pomegranate

Citrus Marmalade is only Agrisicilia

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Sicilian pomegranate

Nutritional Facts

Average values for 100g
Energy1026 kJ / 243 Kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars59
Average values for 20g
Energy205,2kJ / 48,6kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars11,8

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