Wellness takes center stage. On the occasion of the highly anticipated international FIBO 2024 fair in Cologne, Agrisicilia brings its innovation to the world of jams. Health and taste merge in the +PROTEIN jams and in the Light line without added sugars.

+PROTEIN Jams: taste and nutrition in harmony.

Agrisicilia’s +PROTEIN jams are the perfect combination of flavor and nutrition. Each spoonful of these delights is rich in fruit and high-quality proteins, offering satisfying sweetness and nutritional support for a balanced diet.

Light Line: the sweetness you love, without sugars.

For those who desire a light sweetness without compromises, Agrisicilia’s Light line is the answer. Without added sugars and with the authentic flavor of fruit, this line offers an innovative taste experience that fits perfectly with a healthy lifestyle.

Meet Giuseppe Russo at the FIBO 2024 fair.

Want to learn more about Agrisicilia and its mission to promote health through taste? Book an exclusive appointment with Giuseppe Russo, Agrisicilia’s foreign sales director. During the event, Giuseppe will be available to discuss collaboration opportunities and share Agrisicilia’s passion for sustainable wellness.