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Bergamot Marmalade: a unique and genuine flavour from Calabria

If you are looking for a jam with an original and authentic flavour, Bergamot Marmalade is for you. Prepared with care and passion, using only the best raw materials, Bergamot Marmalade is an artisanal product from Calabria, famous for the quality of its Bergamot.

Care in the choice of raw material

Bergamot Marmalade is made with great care in the choice of raw materials. Only the best Bergamots, grown in Sicily and Calabria, are used to produce this delicious jam. Careful selection of the fruit guarantees an intense and authentic flavour.

Produced with quality raw materials

The search for the right raw material is only the beginning of the production process of Bergamot Marmellata. Every stage of the production process is taken care of down to the last detail to ensure the highest quality. The raw materials used are of natural origin and carefully selected to guarantee a genuine and healthy product.

An artisanal product

Bergamot Marmalade is an artisanal product, made with passion and care. The production process follows ancient local traditions, handed down from generation to generation. This craftsmanship guarantees a very high quality and unique product.

Hand peeling

One of the distinctive features of Bergamot Marmalade is the hand-harvesting of its raw materials. Bergamot berries are selected and peeled by hand to ensure maximum quality and aroma. This craftsmanship guarantees an authentic product of the highest quality.
In summary, this Marmalade is an artisanal product, produced with care and attention using only the best raw materials. Bergamot from Calabria and Sicily is the basis for this delicacy, which offers a unique and authentic flavour. Hand peeling guarantees a product of the highest quality, which can be enjoyed on different occasions and with different preparations. Trying Bergamot Marmalade means savouring the original taste of Calabria and Sicily in every spoonful.




Ingredients Sugar, bergamot with peel, gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidifier: citric acid.
Fruit used 45g per 100g.
Storage Storage at room temperature is recommended in order to fully preserve the qualities of the product. After opening, the conserve should be kept at a temperature within 4 degrees and preferably consumed within 14 days.
Taste Strong, citrusy, intense and slightly bitter.
Usage Bergamot has always been a perfect ally in the kitchen. The marmalade made from this citrus fruit lends itself particularly well to the preparation of desserts. It can also be spread on slices of bread or rusk for a quick and incredibly tasty breakfast or snack. Finally, this AgriSicilia product is a good accompaniment for main courses and strong-flavoured cheeses.

Nutritional Values per 100g

Energy 1032 KJ / 243 Kcal
Fats 0,1
of which saturated 0
Carbohydrates 60
of which sugars 58
Protein 0,3