Jar of Preparation of Sicilian Red Orange PGI with AGRISICILIA Protein

Preparation of Sicilian Red Orange I.G.P. with Protein

The Sicilian Red Orange PGI Preparation enriched with collagen proteins offers a unique nutritional mix. By combining the authenticity of PGI red oranges with beneficial proteins, this low added sugar option promotes well-being. The aroma and distinctive flavor of Sicilian red oranges blend with the nutritional value of collagen proteins, offering a satisfying and nutritious taste experience. Ideal for those who want a healthy and delicious option, contributing to daily well-being in a pleasant and authentic way.

A UNIQUE recipe

arancia rossa di sicilia

Sweet and juicy, we select the best consortium-certified Sicilian IGP Oranges, adding collagen proteins to make snacks moments of well-being.


"Red Orange of Sicily P.G.I." 60%, sugar, hydrolyzed collagen; acidifier: citric acid, gelling agent: fruit pectin.

Citrus Marmalade is only Agrisicilia

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foglie di arancio

Nutritional Facts

Average values for 100g
Energy734 kJ / 173 kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars26,3
Average values for 20g
Energy146,9kJ / 34,6kcal
of which saturated0
of which sugars5,26

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