Jam of Leonforte Peach PGI is a product of Sicilian excellence, representing a true delicacy for the palate. Its production, overseen by Agrisicilia, follows strict rules of quality and tradition.

We produce this jam exclusively from peaches of the Regina variety, hand-picked in the countryside around the town of Leonforte, in the province of Enna. This area is particularly suited to the cultivation of peaches, thanks to its mild climate and the presence of fertile soils.

Our jam has a deep golden color and a soft texture, making it perfect for breakfast or for making desserts. Its flavor is intense and fruity, with hints of almond and vanilla.

The PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) designation guarantees that Jam of Leonforte Peach is made exclusively from peaches of the Regina variety grown in areas surrounding Leonforte, according to precise production rules. This seal of quality is an important recognition for Agrisicilia and for the entire Leonforte area.

Agrisicilia’s Jam of Leonforte Peach PGI is available in different formats to meet all consumer needs. It can be purchased directly at the company’s store or online, on the official website.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a high-quality product with an intense and authentic flavor, Agrisicilia’s Jam of Leonforte Peach PGI is the perfect choice. Thanks to its IGP designation, you can enjoy all the authenticity and tradition of a unique product, straight from the countryside of Sicily.

Extra Jam of Leonforte Peach PGI

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