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Organic Extra Lemon and Strawberry Jam: A perfect mix of flavours

Raw materials: Agrisicilia and the quest for quality

Organic Extra Lemon and Strawberry Jam is an artisanal product, made with high quality raw materials from the Sicilian lands. Agrisicilia is the farm that produces the raw materials used for the jam. Agrisicilia works only with organic Sicilian citrus fruits and organic strawberries, selected for their quality and goodness.

The search for high-quality raw materials is the basis for the production of organic artisanal jams, as only the selection of the best raw materials guarantees the genuine goodness of the jam.

Taste: The balance between sour and sweet

Organic Extra Lemon and Strawberry Jam is the perfect mix of sweet and sour flavours. The intense flavour of organic Sicilian lemons and the sweetness of organic strawberries come together in an explosion of flavours and aromas, creating a perfect harmony between sweet and sour.

The jam is produced using only organic cane sugar, which allows the original flavour of the raw materials to be preserved, without weighing it down with chemical additives.

Production: Craftsmanship in workmanship

Organic Extra Lemon and Strawberry Jam is made according to ancient Sicilian recipes handed down from generation to generation, using artisanal processing techniques.

The production process involves manual workmanship and constant attention to the product, from the harvesting of the raw materials to the production of the jam, to ensure the highest quality and goodness of the jam.


Organic Extra Lemon and Strawberry Jam is a unique product, made from high quality raw materials, processed by hand to keep the original flavour of the raw materials intact. Thanks to the perfect harmony between sweet and sour, the jam can be used to enrich the flavour of yoghurt, ice cream, tarts, biscuits and much more.




Ingredients BIO cane sugar, BIO lemons with peel, BIO strawberries, gelling agent: fruit pectin, acidifier: citric acid.
Fruit used 45g per 100g.
Storage It is recommended to store the product at room temperature. After opening, it is recommended to keep at a temperature within 4 degrees and to consume everything preferably within 14 days.
Taste Sweet and strong taste, accompanied by a pleasantly persistent aroma.
Usage This delicious extra jam is perfect for preparing fruit desserts such as cakes, tarts or biscuits.

Nutritional Values per 100g

Energy 1016 kJ/ 239 Kcal
Fats 0,1
of which saturated 0
Carbohydrates 60
of which sugars 59
Protein 0,6