Tasty artisan brioche filled with authentic Extra Sicilian Cherry Jam. A perfect combination of the fluffiness of freshly baked brioche and the intense flavor of Sicilian cherries, ripened in the warm Mediterranean sun. Perfect for breakfast or a mouth-watering break, these brioche are a tribute to Sicilian craftsmanship and its unique gastronomic heritage.

Recipe by food blogger Antonella Audino


Ingredients for brioches dough:
500 g of 0 flour
240 g of milk
50 g of sugar
50 g of condensed milk
10 g of yeast
1 whole egg
50 g lard or butter
8 g of salt
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
grated orange or lemon
40 g butter spread

yolk and milk equal weight
cherry jam from Sicily Agrisicilia



1. Place flour, sugar, milk, condensed milk, and yeast in planetary mixer and start the planetary mixer with the spiral, string together by tilting the dough from time to time, this will promote stringing.

2. With the dough strung together, insert the flaked lard, salt, and flavorings and string again, always tilting the dough.

3. Gather dough place in bowl , round, cover with foil and let rise to double in about two hours at 26°.

4. Turn the dough over onto the work surface lightly dusted with flour and with your fingertips gently spread the dough out, creating a fairly long rectangle where we will spread some melted butter with the help of a kitchen brush.

5. Close the dough into a wallet , stretch it with a rolling pin and cut with the help of a pizza cutter many strips of about three large cm and then twist the strip on itself , then roll forming a snail.

6. Place brioche in baking dish spacing slightly apart to rise for about fifty minutes then polish with egg yolk and milk equal weight , decorate with granulated sugar, with a teaspoon widen the center and place a generous spoonful of jam , I Agrisicilia cherries.

7. Bake in a hot, static oven at 180° for about 20 to 25 minutes before closing the oven door humodify with a sprayer to create steam and then one more time after 10 minutes , this moisture will give more softness to the brioche and its outside

brioche alla confettura di ciliegie di Sicilis

Extra Sicilian Cherry Jam

Exquisite Sicilian cherry jams: authentic flavor of the Mediterranean island.